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When you choose Total Server Solutions for your hosted services you gain access to an array of the finest datacenter space in the world. All of our datacenters are always on, always connect, and always ready to do business. With redundant power, network, and cooling, our facilities can weather any storm and keep you up and running. Explore our facilities, ask us questions, and learn why you should trust Total Server Solutions to keep you online and running strong.

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Your business demands constant uptime. The Total Server Solutions network of facilities provides the uptime you need. We operate facilities around the world so that you have a choice of where your equipment is deployed. Our datacenters are safe, secure, and constantly connected. Our team of facility engineers and datacenter experts have the knowledge and facilities that you can trust. Our datacenters are powerful, well connected, and reliable.

Discover our reach.

All of our datacenters are robust, reliable, and ready to meet your challenges. When you have questions, get in touch, we're happy to help.

Atlanta - Downtown

Atlanta - Downtown | ATL01

Our Atlanta data center is at the very heart of our nationwide network. We utilize a highly connected, downtown Atlanta location to serve you. We have our own exclusively operated and staffed datacenter facility at 34 Peachtree(COLO@34). This facility is within walking distance of the downtown Atlanta Telx POP making this datacenter one of the most bandwidth rich spots in the entire country.

  • UPS: 620 kVA of battery backup capacity.
  • Generator: 1 MW of generator capacity.
  • Cooling: 234 Tons of AC capacity.
  • Power Feed: 2400A 480V diverse power feed.
  • Double pre-action-dry-pipe Fire Suppression System
  • 96 strand fiber to Zayo.
  • IPv6 Available.
  • Carriers with on-site POPs: Zayo, GTT/nLayer, Atrato, Cogent.
  • Fully redundant, fault tolerant network gear.
  • Internap FCP to control and route traffic.
  • Open peering with the entire Atlanta TIE network.
  • SSAE-16 Type 2 Certified.
Atlanta - Buckhead

Atlanta - Buckhead | ATL03

Our latest facility in Atlanta's Buckhead business district is located at 470 East Paces Ferry Road. This facility is a perfect addition to our already robust blend of datacenters. This facility increases our total Atlanta footprint to over 30,000 sq. ft. of exclusive space. We operate the entire facility from the ground up.

  • UPS: 750 kVA of battery backup capacity.
  • Generator: 1.5 MW & 750 kW of generator capacity.
  • Cooling: 420 Tons of AC capacity.
  • Power Feed: (2) 1500kVA diverse power feed.
  • VESDA Fire Suppression System
  • Carriers with on-site POPs: Zayo, Level3, Tower Cloud, Cogent.
  • IPv6 Available.
  • Carriers with on-site POPs: Zayo, GTT/nLayer, Atrato, Cogent.
  • Access Control: 2 factor utilizing biometric & key card.
  • Internap FCP to control and route traffic.
  • Four diverse fiber entrances.
  • total 19,891 sq. ft. datacenter space.

Chicago | CHI01

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  • UPS: 750 kVA.
  • Generator: 1.5 MW Generator Capacity.
  • Power Feed: 5 MW.
  • Cooling: 4 x 70 ton CRACs.
  • VESDA particulate detection, Clean Agent Extinguishers, Pre-Action Dry Pipe Sprinkler.
  • IPv6 Available.
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring.
  • 24/7/365 On-Site Staff.

Dallas | DAL01

Colocation & housing of your equipment in Dallas is easy, with Total Server Solutions. Our Dallas facility is fully equipped to handle your every need. You get fully redundant power systems, diverse fiber entrances, and lots of available space.

  • UPS: 500kVA..
  • Generator: 650 kVA.
  • Cooling: 170 Tons AC Capcity.
  • Four fiber entrance points with a minimum of 15' separation.
  • Space available 13,000 sq ft.
  • IPv6 Available.
  • Cogent POP on-site.
  • Peering with Equinix.
  • Dry pipe pre-action Fire Suppression System.
Los Angeles

Los Angeles | LAX01

Total Server Solutions utilizes prime space in the heart of Los Angeles to colocate your equipment. Our LA colocation facility has fully redundant power systems, great connectivity, and a solid cooling system. Los Angeles has great routes to Asia and other Pacific locations as well as fiber to 1 Wilshire.

  • UPS: 2 x 150 kVA..
  • Generator: 3 x 2 MW Generator Capacity.
  • Power Feed: 1200A 480V.
  • Cooling: Multiple Liebert & APC CRACs.
  • 432 Fiber strands to One Wilshire MMR.
  • Zoned, triple pre-action Fire Suppression System.
  • Open peering with the entire Any2LA and Atlanta TIE networks.
  • IPv6 Available.
  • Internap FCP to control and route traffic.

Phoenix | PHX01

Our state-of-the-art facility in Phoenix is one of the finest data centers anywhere in the world. From high capacity redundant power, to its climatically, and geographically stable location, Phoenix is a rock solid choice of location for your equipment.

  • 17 Hardlined providers, each with a minimum of 96 fiber strands per entrance.
  • UPS Capacity: 20 MW.
  • Generator Capacity: 24 MW.
  • Cooling: 5040 Tons AC Capacity.
  • Power Feed: 40 MW diverse power feeds.
  • Internap FCP to control and route traffic.
  • Dual interlocking pre-active dry pipe Fire Suppression System with VESDA.
  • Internap FCP to control and route traffic.
  • IPv6 Available.
  • Open peering with the entire Phoenix-IX network.
Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City | SLC01

Our Salt Lake City datacenter is a great choice. Built in a very stable area both in terms of climate and infrastructure, it boasts fully N+1 power and cooling redundancy. A strong network is in place to serve your needs using carriers our team is very familiar with. We don't like surprise and we know you don't either.

  • Multiple generators configured as N+1.
  • Fully facility UPS power backup configured as N+1.
  • Fully redundant power grids.
  • Two factor security authentication with biometric & key card access.
  • 24/7/365 staffing.
  • VESDA dry pipe fire protection.
  • Cold aisle contained cooling.
  • N+1 redundant cooling system.

Seattle | SEA01

Our Seattle, WA facility boasts great connectivity across the northwestern United States. A fully redundant power & network infrastructure, coupled with a stable location means that your data will keep flowing no matter what.

  • Generator: 4.5 MW (4 x diesel generators).
  • Utility Power: 6 MW.
  • A & B UPS Redundancy (N + 1).
  • Onsite security personnel 24/7/365.
  • 45,600 sq. ft. of available space.
  • 2N Cooling redundancy.
  • Over 90% clean energy (via Seattle City Light).
  • Carrier neutral.
  • Over 20 providers on-site.
  • Direct connection to Seattle's Westin building.
  • 42 Gbps of transit.

Weehawken | WHK01

Our facility in Weehawken is a short distance from NYC. At our Weehawken facility, customers get access to great routes to Europe as well as all of our other locations. Our spot in Weehawken has fully redundant power, industrial level cooling and all the connectivity you need.

  • Generator: 2 MW
  • UPS: 4 x 625 kVA systems configured as 2N.
  • Cooling: 400 Tons of A/C capacity CRAH units configured as N+2.
  • Utility Power: 2 MW of capacity delivered via dual circuit 13.2 kV service.
  • Onsite security personnel 24/7/365.
  • Cages available with dedicated PDU capacity.
  • Diverse underground fiber entry points to facility.
  • Space available: 9,800 sq ft.

Toronto | TOR01

Toronto a great place to house your equipment. We provision a full range of servers and equipment at our Toronto datacenter. With a stable climate & robust infrastructure, Toronto provides a great place to base your equipment.

  • Generator: 320kW.
  • UPS: 280kVA.
  • Cooling: 60 Tons of A/C capacity..
  • Utility Power: 560kW.
  • Onsite security personnel 24/7/365.
  • Cages available on request.
  • IPv6 available.
  • Fully redundant network.

Amsterdam | AMS01

Our Amsterdam facility provides customers with some of the best datacenter space in Europe. Amsterdam is centrally located so routes to Europe & western Asia are smoth and fast. With direct connections to peering networks such as AMS-IX you're assured of the fastest routes and serious capacity wherever you need to go.

  • Up to 60MW of available power.
  • Generators: 16 x 1450kVA (N+2).
  • AC & DC power available.
  • Facility uptime rated at 99.999%.
  • Onsite security personnel 24/7/365.
  • FirePro IG55 fire suppression system.
  • VESDA fire detection system.
  • 3m high perimiter fencing with secured loading dock area.
  • Outside all flight paths to major airports.
  • Biometric scan & electronic ID card access.
  • Direct connections with AMS-IX.

London | LON01

If you choose to utilize a server inside of our London facility, you will be assured of the highest levels of uptime, security, and redundancy. London offers great routes to Europe and western Asia.

  • 11kV on-site substation
  • Transformer over-sized for application to ensure plenty of capacity
  • 10,000 sq. ft. available space
  • Redundant, meshed Cisco 6500 routers
  • Fully UPS & generator backed power
  • Stulz CRAC Air Conditioning
  • 360∘ CCTV coverage w/ motion detection
  • IPv6 Available.
  • Perimeter alarm system
  • Fully staffed 24/7/365

Tokyo | TOK01

Our datacenter facility in the heart of Tokyo is where you need to be to gain access and legitimacy in the Japanese and greater Asian markets. TOK01 is designed for maximum reliability and uptime. The facility utilizes N+1 power as well as fully redundant cooling and network systems.

  • N+1 Power Redundancy
  • UPS Backed Power
  • Generator Backed Power
  • N+20% Cooling Redundancy
  • SSAE-16 SOC-1 Type II Certification
  • Loner tools available as needed
  • A full contingent of crash carts available

Sydney | SYD01

Your content needs to reach consumers no matter where they are. With vast reach throughout the Pacific and into southeast Asia and beyond, our Sydney, Australia datacenter is ideally positioned to give you truly global reach.

  • N+1 Power Redundancy
  • UPS Backed PowerM
  • Generator Backed Power
  • N+20% Cooling Redundancy
  • Loner tools available as needed
  • Full contingent of crash carts available
  • Staffed 24/7/365


Whatever you need, Total Server Solutions can help! Our team of expert system admins, technicians, and data center operations gurus have been around a long time. We’re ready to put our years of knowledge to work for you.


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